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The MinahansEmergency Room Physician Dr. Thomas F. Minahan and his wife Carrin are the proud parents of four incredible children including their 11-year-old daughter Mallory, who has suffered from intractable epilepsy since the age of fourteen months. After years of unsuccessful testing, treatment, diet regimens and traditional seizure drug therapy they decided to try cannabis oil after hearing about reports of success with the unconventional drug. Miraculously, Mallory immediately responded to the treatment, reducing her seizures from an average of 40 per month to a significantly lower amount. Mallory continues to benefit from cannabis treatment, however the stigma associated with the drug and the unregulated nature of the industry has led the Minahans to take part in lobbying for more stringent research and potency regulation so that parents of children with epilepsy can feel confident in the cannabis-based medications they give to their children. Like many other parents and members of the public, the Minahans were skeptical of the healing potential of cannabis and only turned to the controversial treatment after all other medical therapies and traditional seizure drugs had been exhausted. Their last hope was to either give Mallory a drug that could potentially kill her, or try cannabis, which had recently received positive press as many families reported success in treating their epileptic children with oil from the plant. After only one treatment Mallory responded as never before, experiencing an immediate reduction in seizures and a mental clarity that had eluded her for the majority of her childhood.

MALLORY’S HOPE has been created as a conservative community forum and resource for parents who have children with seizures. It is our hope to share our experiences and reported success stories with others who have similarly sought relief for their children. Additionally, MALLORY’S HOPE strives to educate the public and urge our elected officials to allow legal research and development of cannabis-based medications. Most importantly, we support content and potency regulation so that parents can be confident in consistently delivering proper dosage of the medication to their children. We realize, as with any medication, each patient is different and will experience varying results. However the positive results we have seen in Mallory and countless other children demonstrates the importance of researching cannabis for its medicinal and healing properties.

It is important to us to take a conservative approach to this issue. We acknowledge the rampant abuse of marijuana and we DO NOT endorse cannabis as a means to get high. We are simply seeking medicinal relief for Mallory and many other children, based on the hope that cannabis and CBD research and development offers. This is our mission, and we invite you to join us in continuing support of these parents, family members, their children and MALLORY’S HOPE.